Live a Better Life by Trying CBD Oil

Shop for a wide variety of CBD products and pet CBD product in Grand Rapids, MI

Stock up on CBD products by coming to The Grassy Knoll. You can pick up all kinds of products, from CBD gummies to CBD lotion. There are even CBD products you can give your furry friends to help them deal with everything from separation anxiety to arthritis.

You can purchase CBD gummies, coffee, salves, pet CBD products, tinctures, honey and supplements. Our pet products are especially popular. After all, humans aren't the only ones who can use a little rest and relaxation.

Come to The Grassy Knoll today to browse our selection of CBD gummies and other CBD products in Grand Rapids, MI.

    Discover all the benefits of using CBD oil

    CBD oil is an extract of HEMP that offers all the soothing relief without any of the negative psychoactive effects. You can take CBD oil to help cope with excessive stress or pain.

    CBD oil has even been shown to:

    Alleviate cancer-related symptoms
    Reduce acne and clear up skin
    Improve your heart health
    Help with anxiety and depression
    Lessen the effects of chronic pain

    Call 616-419-3364 today to learn more about CBD oil in Grand Rapids, MI.

    What makes The Grassy Knoll the place to go?

    When you come to our CBD shop, you'll find shelves upon shelves of useful, affordable products. For two years, we have sold CBD products to people like you throughout Grand Rapids, MI. Why buy CBD products off the internet when you can come to a shop right in your community?

    We got into this business after watching family members with ailments find relief through CBD products. We're very passionate about helping other families cope with aches and pains in the same way.

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