The Grassy Knoll, a CBD store in Grand Rapids, MI

Providing quality CBD products for humans and pets!


About Us

The Grassy Knoll was established in 2017. Owners Janet Tombre and Fred Cini saw a need for CBD after several family members died from cancer.  Smoking cannabis was the only way our nephew could deal with his pain.  Around this time a friend of ours had just come back from California and told us that she was working for a CBD company.  She suggested to one of our friends to use a CBD salve for some of the sores on her mother’s legs.  It was amazing to see the transformation, so we started researching what CBD could do for people.  In 2017 very few people even knew what CBD was, much less the benefits of CBD. We then decided to open our first store located in Eastown, Grand Rapids, Michigan.  Eastown was ideal, as it is a great little community that prides itself on being open-minded, holistic and has a willingness to try new things.  Our main goal in opening The Grassy Knoll was to help people via our CBD product offerings.

When we decided to open our store, we wanted it to be welcoming to everyone.  That’s how the “boutique” concept was born.  We knew that some smoke shops around town sold CBD, but didn’t think that the average person would feel comfortable in that type of atmosphere.  So we went about making our store stand out with the decorations and the knowledgeable staff.  The first year was a bit rough sale-wise, but we persevered and eventually were able to hire some really awesome people.  Within the first three years, we were approached by a local mall to open a second store. We started gaining some good traction until Covid hit, and the mall was shut down.  Everything was shutting down.  Thankfully we were able to stay open with our curbside pick-up and a dedicated staff that helped us through the worst of it.


Being the forerunner in this industry in Michigan hasn’t always been easy.  We were accused of being a dispensary, got inspected by the state, went through a lot of staff changes, but in the end, we came out stronger.  It was about this time we started to see more and more CBD stores opening up.  The word had gotten out that this stuff helped! Thankfully people keep coming back to us for our superior products.  They know we have top products and a wonderful staff who know and understand the benefits of CBD. In the past two years, we have been able to launch our own CBD brands of tinctures, salves, dog drops and dog treats.  Having our own products that we stand by has really been a dream come true.  We continue to spread the word about the benefits of CBD and have been recognized by the business community and were just awarded Best in the West by our loyal customers. The Grassy Knoll is a recognized business and brand and we plan on opening a store in Muskegon, Michigan. 

CBD for Dogs

About Grassy Knoll CBD for Dogs and Cats

Bruno’s story: We rescued Bruno two years ago from a house where he was abandoned along with two other pets.  He was a nine month old puppy living off garbage and dirty diapers. He was scared,  alone, and left outside for over a week.  We welcomed Bruno to our home, and he quickly became friends with our two other dogs (Sammy and Frankie) and Moose the cat. 

After a week or two, Bruno started to exhibit extreme anxiety when left alone. We lost several pillows, candles, and the arm to our couch! We were afraid that if we didn’t do something quickly, he would destroy more of the house and possibly hurt himself. 


Janet Tombre and Fred Cini- Owner Grassy Knoll

My husband and I own The Grassy Knoll in Grand Rapids and have been selling CBD for over four years.  We started our business to help people and furry children in a safe and natural way.  We collaborated with one of our suppliers to create a CBD oil just for our store. The Grassy Knoll tincture is very popular for humans so we created Bruno Drops in order to help all pets with separation anxiety.  Bruno drops have a calming effect on him and he is able to stay at the house without destroying things or hurting himself.  We have also given our other pets (dogs and cat) CBD and hoped it would help them. Our Bruno drops currently have 500 mg of CBD and can easily be put on food or in treats.

abby dog used cbd for arthritis from grassy knoll

Abby’s story: Before we had Bruno we had a German Shepherd named Abby. Abby at age 10 started to exhibit terrible arthritis in her hips.  She stopped jumping into the car and on the bed.  We started giving her CBD and within two weeks she was able to start running around in the yard playing with our other dogs. She was also able to jump into the car without help.  Abby lived to be 14 and I attribute her longevity to CBD.  We developed Abby treats in her memory  to help other pets with pain and inflammation. Abby treats are delicious bacon and cheese with 5 mg of CBD per treat. 

Best CBD for Dog
CBD Pet Treat

Jake’s story: Jake treats were created in memory of our dog Jake who disliked car rides.  He was a big dog and was a nervous wreck when he had to take a ride. We started giving him CBD treats 15 minutes before the ride and he would sleep and not stress out during long car rides.  Jake also hated fireworks and the 4th of July was sheer torture for him. After we discovered CBD, we gave Jake these treats and he would sleep through all the lights and noise. These treats have 10 mg of CBD per treat.